Beautiful Words

The scene was sad, but it moved what me they had been the words of that person. A woman who did not make look like to have fifty years more than. Together with two children almost without clothes. One garotinha and a boy with great eyes, seemed scared.

The woman revirava the garbage that met there. I was to observe them. The boy if imagined flying in the airplane that stops it was the cardboard that was in its hands. Meanwhile that one lady and garotinha fulled a bag with what she could be recycled. From there she would leave some changed for its sustenance. Suddenly the three if approach to me. It was tired with that enormous bag in the coasts looked at, me, smiled and said: – That God folloies to it.

The children had spoken amen. I asked if she needed some thing. It said for I not to worry me. She could not help it, what it needed I did not have. Hugging the children, she spoke: – Necessary of work, to have work it is necessary force. To have forces she is necessary of a life. If to have life is necessary to have faith. I have faith. I can not have what to eat today, tomorrow I will have. I search the bread of each day and every day I have the necessary food. I was moved with those words and I see that who has faith, food of the soul, never has hunger. Although what to happen it is thankful for having forces pro work, health and for having what and in who to believe.