Bolivarian Venezuela

There are no shortcuts. Moreover, detract from its findings, this author could already be manifesting symptoms of contagion perceptor, of both stir with a stick right-wing matter and hallucinating opposition. But given this order of things, dual, where some say the truth and others do not, and vice versa, and where the sources are only credible if they respond to the particular particular political profession seems propitious occasion to present the following layouts, valid for reflection on both sides, one of them (the political right) committed to see what does not exist and the other (left)not see what Yes. Let’s bead. There is no doubt, and pod requests arrangements and care with the same strength and optimism with which we celebrate that the Bolivarian revolution has brought to the Venezuelan people a better quality of life index. The first case is broken down this way: the UN just certify Venezuela ranked 58 as the country with the highest index of human development (IDH), with a sustained growth since 2003, taking as criteria of evaluation aspects such as education, health and economy. In fact, the Organization topped that Venezuela is among the five countries with the highest sustained growth since that year, made or news all taken into account in the usual credible information portals of the Venezuelan opposition to anything. It has its version of reality and point, and worth a whistle that will tell you that the wall pointing is not black but white. Nothing say that right now itself, when I finish this writing, (other UN unit) FAO just deliver an opinion that Venezuela is one of the countries best fed in Latin America: the kilocalories ingested by Venezuelans reach the daily 2.790, above the figure recommended by some authors for an adult man (2,700). But Let’s see more samples and more buttons: to present the opposition refuses to recognize that the same organization (now as UNDP: United Nations Development Programme) stated to Venezuela as illiteracy-free territory, October 28, 2005.