Internet Marketing

How fast it is on Google on the first few pages. An experiment! Every Web master and every marketing expert would like to see its pages on the top placements on the major search engines. makes the experiment and has published today a blog page this page with the aim of quickly on Google on the front page to place. A daring task, where you can also miserably fail. What is the strategy? First of all, current content produced and this spread on the Web. How fast it can go, looks to come back to such “bulk mails”, as for example yesterday on the subject of “locked Lukas Podolski of UEFA” – like wildfire this email in German offices spread. A brilliant guerrilla marketing success.

Similar to fkt. There is in other Web projects and Web pages. And exactly this is the experiment comes in. How fast is the blog of on the first few pages be placed? This is done for one on building backlinks by entry of the blog in various Web catalogs – to another via some “gateway” Pages. The experiment is considered to be successful, if such gateway a page on the first 1-5 pages on Google. Here the link to the experiment