Magical World

We know that in the tender childhood the form is instilled us in how we must see the world. One says to us that round and smooth object of sweet flavor that we took from a tree calls apple. It is taught to us how it is constituted, his form, color, flavor, from what tree comes and many other things which nobody can put in doubt. Our thought is conditional then to see the material world through our organs of view, ear, sense of smell and pleasure. But a boy would say that the apple is alive and is its friend, all would think that he is a boy with an imagination very developed or that he is crazy. This boy, is wise. The apple without a doubt will not be able to speak with him and nevertheless, it has vibrations energetics and the life beats within her. When entering the world of the white Magic we will perceive what limited is the form to see the Universe on the basis of its physical complexin.

We will begin to notice the life energy that flows around each physical form, in the people, in the animal, the plants and the things. They compose our world infinity of inanimate objects that in their outer appearance, are dead. But we will learn in the way of the spells of white magic that not to have understanding is not to absolutely lack life. The object does not feel pain and either it does not have thought but it is part of the mutable energy of the universe and each plant, leaf, fruit, animal and inanimate object it has a vital pulse. We see so the world overflows with life, of movement and dynamism. To own the knowledge to be able to explore that world is the way of the white Magic which we are going to undertake with the immense joy of knowledge that we are going away to find with a magical world, much more complex and simultaneously simpler than the one than we lived in the present, because all the beings come and comprise of a same Universal source. Original author and source of the article