New Challenge

Challenges that the same life imposes to us, all of them related to the absolute and necessary change for the humanity. As we already know it, at present our planet is plenty of conflicts, of countries in war, countries with hunger, sunk in the injustice and the terror, zones of the Earth devastated by phenomena ” naturales” , more and more unacceptable violence and thus could continue mentioning them The challenge which the life faces to us in this new cycle is a change challenge and of taking of it brings back to consciousness that it initiates in the heart and which, we hope, all we pruned to include/understand in the necessary scale. The future on our life it depends and it begins in our present, unique the concrete thing and real it is what today we lived all. Our daily attitudes and actions, our emotions and feelings will be materialized in the future, of there the importance OF LIVING our present on the best way, trying to help same and the others; fighting to obtain that our works, hobbies, pastimes or entertainment are full of the energy of the joy, of the satisfaction to make the things or and for or. That little of it brings back to consciousness additional in our daily tasks can mark an incredibly great difference for the life of each. To give us accounts of if our actions go towards communal property, to the well-being of somebody the more, to value if ours to act it will affect the surroundings or if helps it Just by to take responsibility from the life that we are to day, we will be recognizing what is to live to fullness in wisdom, and that one is the true knowledge that the humans as much we needed at present..