Parquet Bonding

There are two forms of bonding. We can put it into strips or glue with a continuous layer. The tail can also deliver in two ways: by applying parallel strips of glue along the boards or as a continuous layer of glue all over the floor. In a wooden strips glued to the tail is divided into strips in the place where we will place the plank of wood. We can apply this system where the wooden slats have sufficient size.

Glue strips are placed perpendicular to the floor parquet strip, leaving a gap between each strip. Strip parquet place and press for a correct grip. We must wait a couple of days to dry the glue. We will keep the parquet comes right up the wall. We leave a perimeter clearance of about 10 millimeters between floors and wall to allow expansion and contraction of wood caused by changes in temperature or humidity.

Later we will cover this space with the socket. It is used for wooden wedges. It is important to keep this separation, because the park with the passage of time and by performance factors such as humidity might change in size, which may cause the parquet to deform if it has this little space for expansion. In a continuous bonding using a serrated knife extend a uniform layer of glue all over the floor. We must respect the type of glue recommended by the manufacturer of parquet and suitable dose. In this way we ensure that all parts are firmly secured. This type of glue is used for parquet or mosaic composed of small tablets. If we consider it necessary to place a layer of sound insulation on the floor prior to installation of the parquet. In the market for acoustic insulation boards are designed precisely to place under the park and include channels on which to apply the glue. We must ensure that the insulation is perfectly sized, dried and fixed to the ground before proceeding. To this we must wait two or three days to make sure that the tail of the insulating layer has dried before applying the park on the surface. In we take account the distribution of the floor and, above all, the distribution of the windows. Parquet slats should be placed in the direction of light. If on the ground there is no natural light, or when we have several windows on different walls, we began placing the first strip against the wall bigger. The parquet glue is thick so it can lower the number of times, depending on the thickness of the tablets.