Principle External

If not outside because our mind says to us that we needed this or that one or catalogues east good or bad moment of, we could be happy here and now Even as simple thoughts as must have left sun, prevents us to enjoy this wonderful cloudy day Principle 3: The secret: You can control your thoughts. Perhaps you have been able to notice the difficult thing that he is this. Perhaps you can levantarte in the morning and decirte today I am not going to think? or Today I will only have positive thoughts? Difficult truth? As Byron Katie says, the thoughts are like rain, simply appear. You cannot control your thoughts but you question when them they leave of afectarte. When you question your estresantes thoughts and you see that what you consider negative or a problem not is it, then your perception of the life changes and the thoughts although they appear in your mind no longer affect to you. Example is like of serpent and rope, while you believe that the rope that you see far is a serpent you will suffer and you will not want to advance but you approach a little and are able to see that serpent in fact is a then rope the belief that it is a serpent no longer can affect to you, has seen the truth and is free to advance and to enjoy the way Principle 4: The secret: it teaches to you to attract external things to create the wished life. If I believe that my happiness depends on the money, the pair, the recognition, the health, then few opportunities I have of being happy, the people and external things do not depend on my, and I will be constantly suffering to control them, not to have them or by the fear to lose them? Your happiness does not depend external don’t mention it you do not hope to have money, pair, health nor recognition to be it. .