Selva De Oza

The Selva de Oza is located in the Valle de Hecho, formed by the River Aragon Subordan, in the Aragonese Pyrenees. It is a true natural paradise, with peaks exceeding 2000 meters of height, as Pena Forca (2390 m) or the castle of Achert (2384 m). Also interesting are the three dolmens that therein and the remains of one of the old Roman roads of Antoninus Pius, which was also used as a pilgrimage road to Santiago de Compostela. The Selva de Oza is perfect for walks calm and without particular difficulty enjoying their forests of firs, pines beech and observing many birds that fly continuously over these mountains, as bearded vultures, vultures and eagles. Other plant species are the yews, maples and birches. There are also many shrubs, among which predominates the boj, as well as a huge variety of fungi, fruits and flowers. In addition, in its forests you can admire many varieties of flowers, mushrooms and fruits (such as the delicious wild strawberries!).

In terms of fauna, in the Selva de Oza live bears, Pyrenean mountain goats, roe deer, ferrets and squirrels, among many others, although it is not easy to see them. The Selva de Oza is also an excellent starting point for beautiful excursions, as that leads to the Acherito Ibon, 1900 meters in height, or walk to the dolmens, to discover one of these ancestral tombs, well-preserved. All these tours are very well signposted and are very popular among the mountaineers Aragonese, Basque and Navarre. But hiking is not the only activity that can be performed on the Selva de Oza. Canyoning is one of the favorite activities of visitors to the mouth of hell, which separates the Selva de Oza of the rest of Echo Valley and is one of the most exciting ravines of the Jacetania.