Supreme Leader

After a decision of the primaries was released by February 2012, many raise our voice of disagreement before that decision we considered and still consider wrong and harmful to the interests of the common people opposing. It is not possible that something that we see so clearly we, who do not belong in any party and hear the views on the street, not to be understood similarly by the leadership of all parties. However, it is already a reality and we will wait to February 2012 to meet the standard bearer, without knowing if it will have time to publicize that it is what he will do once he becomes President by Venezuela. It is possible to not reach him time if the CNE decided that the presidential elections are not in December but before because of the convenience of the Supreme Leader of the revolution. All candidates of the opposition through the country talking to people, by convincing one way or another to the electors of the inconvenience that Hugo Chavez continue to be President at this time. Everyone has his opinion, his speech, even his program will make when whatever, first opposition candidate and then President. All the energy deployed by each of them from now until February, will be invested in doing so.

Hundreds of hours of equipment, logistical resources, travel, etc, will be devoted by each candidate to say what should be done then that Hugo Chavez leave power in its own way. Then, when the elected candidate becomes definitive candidate, again touring the country, this time with the program designed by the MUD, to convince the same thing but with other arguments to the same voters who visited earlier, from now until February. If at this point does not ring them as a huge waste, then it is because I have not heard me explain well.