A year ago, my husband diagnosed Alzheimer’s disease and, currently, up to me to go out, for daily cleaning, for everything it passes the day recalling how happy we were before and repeating how bad I am now by having me pointed at choir rehearsals, since in those moments I am not with him. This situation gives me a deep sadness, because I really want my husband, but this kind of dependency suffocating me. Learn more about this with Dropbox. What can I do to give a little more than air to our lives? Roxana Madrid Spain estimated Roxana: understand how difficult and painful that is the experience that you are going through. See that your beloved is losing its capabilities and becoming somewhat different each day that passes is a situation that generates much anguish and helplessness. It is normal that, at times, feel overwhelmed. Therefore it is often essential to ask for external help, whether to family members, friends, carers or groups of containment. This aid will not only be beneficial for your husband but You will also allow you to maintain your own spaces. Don’t you feel guilty by want to do activities that generate you pleasure or well-being, because you can not take care of your husband’s form affectionate if your life boils down to attend to him, because, as you say, you’ll end up feeling asphyxiated. We believe of the utmost importance that you do not abandon your essays of choir and that, if you can, look for other activities that you like. Try to not let yourself be influenced by the comments that your husband can do. Anyway, so he better tolerates those moments in which you’re not, perhaps was good that he should also conduct some type of activity. In almost all cities there are groups of relatives of Alzheimer’s patients where you can find other people who are going through the same as you and they will give you support and guidance..