Technology Partner

The YouCon cube integrates communication systems with SAP ERP and SAP CRM Munich, the 24th December 2013 the YouCon GmbH is a technology partner of unify. Linking different telephone systems with SAP applications is the essential feature of the CTI middleware YouCon cube. Because communication systems of from different vendors are used in many enterprises and contact centers, a close cooperation with the respective manufacturers is necessary for the smooth integration of the YouCon cube. The recording in the international technology partner program of unify, formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications, ensures that the YouCon cube ideally harmonizes with the communication systems of unify. Unify is a global company, present with its products for many decades. The communication solutions enjoy an excellent reputation and are used in businesses of any size and alignment. Also in contact centers is used often on technology unify”, explains Peter Kugler, founder and Managing Director to make the YouCon GmbH. our new YouCon cube for as many companies, close cooperation with unify for us is indispensable.

Inclusion in the technology partner program is the best prerequisite for this.” The YouCon cube is a CTI middleware, which serves professional voice data integration in the SAP environment and which consists of various modules. The software is based on the integration into SAP CRM and SAP ERP. By linking the data with the respective PBX, callers are identified automatically. Employees, for example, in the contact center, have access to the correct customer data at all times. The YouCon cube integrates all digital channels such as social media, email and fax in addition to the telephony. This information will be associated with each customer and provide comprehensive care. Multi session capability ensures that time-critical actions are automatically detected and front lined. Because systems are used worldwide by unify, YouCon is contact center now unify advanced technology partner”in the Technology has been absorbed.