Thai Name

They called it Pizza Hut because they made pizzas and the store looked like a hut (hut, in English). Ray-Ban: The first Crystal Bay-Ban was green, protected from the strong brightness and had an additive that hitherto not found in any other lens: eliminated the ultraviolet and infrared rays. These three characteristics gave rise to that was his name: Ray-Ban, a sort of play on words that comes to mean in English something like that as haraam to rays. Red Bull: The Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz is associated at the end of the Decade of the eighties of the last century with a Thai businessman who sold one drink at petrol stations to avoid that drivers sleep behind the wheel. A bull and a sun appeared in the design of your brand. And here the Red Bull is born.

He subsequently adapted the flavor to the European taste creating a drink that expresses power, energy, strength and value. Another version is that the drink contains a component called taurine and hence the name of Bull (toro in English). Scalextric: In 1947, British businessman Fred Francis manufactured a few Tin strollers that functioned with a clock, known as Scalex rope machinery. The prototypes later, advanced with the incorporation of the power supply. Thus was born Scalextric. Schweppes: Jacob Schweppe Swiss (without the final s) started in 1783 selling mineral water in Geneva. Sony: The President of the company, Akio Morita, created this name in 1946 based on the Latin word sonus (sound) and the song Sonny boy.

Sun: Three engineers in 1982 founded Sun (Stanford University Network) to manufacture servers that facilitate communication between large computers in businesses and conservation and transfer of data. Talgo: The name of the logo of the Spanish railways train has the initials of: articulated train light Goicochea Oriol.