The Society

Pointing out that this trend is proper of the democratic and plebeian cultures, the philosopher concludes that, even so the tradition still if he makes to feel, we, ‘ ‘ modern men, us in them we find in this way and each time that a man starts to discover where measured he plays a role, how much he can be comedian, comediante’ becomes; ‘ , therefore, entering in a species of game, more it does not believe that ‘ can; ‘ to count, to promise, to make plans for futuro’ ‘. The situation has a positive direction because the individual sovereignty and the hierarchic order looked by the thinker estimate the sprouting of a capable, first man, of if disentailing of the papers prescribed for its society but, after that and over all, to create and to live new ideals politicians, aesthetic and philosophical. The potential contained there was not, however, insurance to the eyes of the thinker. The modern culture is, without a doubt, each less serious time but this does not assure that the type artist will predominate on the comedian, will arrive at the supremacy in the future, because this does not scrumble an actor, is before more nothing a sculptor of itself exactly, the creator of new values..