The Way

The ego is the part of us that believes that we were separated from the divinity which we were created. While here, believing that they are separated, they will not understand the powers that are obtained when we discover the way to connect back to the source, and become quiet, become someone who is in conscious contact with its source. When to stop behind the ego and the idea that they are separated from this source, and again to connect to it, you will gain access to all their powers, creating life and preserve it, cure, fill the life of abundance, do relationships to be divine and beautiful, thank, be miraculous powers. When one takes a spiritual approach to life, it begins to see attached to the world and all things and the competition is replaced by something called collaboration. And when you see another human being suffering, fighting, you know that a part of you suffer and struggle and begin to reach out rather than retract you and think: do in that sense me that affect to my?. Spiritual being is not about being better than someone else, true nobility has nothing to do with being better than another. It consists in that one is better than it was.

If someone would give them a blow, and they lose the ability to think all their problems would disappear. Spiritual means joy, tranquility, love, kindness, forgiveness, means to live these principles feeling connected and knowing that you are infinite. Then comes the solution. This is the ability to introduce to your something that makes life than what we call problems disappear, dissolve and are cancelled. It continues but publish it in another article. Free download this audio book here. (book no. 15) Visit my blog: original author and source of the article.