The maximum touch features versatile the maximum touch”is a compact POS system that will satisfy even the highest demands. To broaden your perception, visit actress and filmmaker. The scope of supply includes a 14 “Compact cash register with touch screen, the PosBill POS software and a Thermobondrucker. The software is of course already installed and set up the printer so that it is ready for use immediately upon arrival. The maximum touch provides you with a professional POS system with an excellent price/performance ratio. A graphical space and table plan display ensures clarity and avoids confusion.

So you have E.g. no longer thought about the table number of the table front right has. And if the big table with the Bowling Club would like to pay not together, but each guest for itself, that’s no problem, because the compact cash gastro dominated of course the function Bill splitting”. With her, it is possible to determine the individual invoice amount of each guest at the table easily. Despite the many features this is Compact cash register easy. This will be pleased not only your regular staff. Even for temporary workers, it is possible to work with this cash in no time. Also, each waiter can choose his own office layout and has as its own”checkout before him, he can adjust to his individual needs and taste. Of course to change the maximum from left to right handed operation. The PosBill POS software offers a variety of interchangeable display designs that you can choose from according to your institution. So the cashier system adjusted up perfectly on the appearance of your premises.