True Love

At the beginning of a marriage, sex and sexual desire are it everything. The passion surrounds those two beings. Without any more amount. – By something calls to him Honeymoon. – But when happening of the time, the honey dj to be honey, often to become acid and bitter HIEL . – Sex and passion uncontrollable cannot last all a life. – Until the divine candy but it arrives at to cloy .

– This it is the moment in that there is to fight so that this love, that once was so divine, never stops existing. – It is a very difficult passage. – One of the difficult and hard objectives but of our lives. – It requires many sacrifices and dedication. – But according to the wise people say, is necessary to fight reason why he is worth the pain. – Those are not many obtain that it, but both continue feeling mutual love, any sacrifice or effort to maintain their marriage alive, is imprecindible and necessary.

– In the end, Dahran tells that valio the pain . – In a marriage, after 20 or 40 years, it is when the True Love comes to bloom . – We stopped thinking so much about sex, – but we lived to take care of to us mutually. – We have fused ourselves so deeply that nothing or nobody podria to separate, only the death by the aim of God. Or we stopped worrying as much to shine beautiful and irresistible the loved being, and happened to worry about the health and the well-being of that companion or companion. – We stopped tartar to be expert in sex questions, – but we tried to please the loved being of the major form that is to us possible. – We left of to discuss, to be able to talk. – We let of watch over and distrust, because we know that we are irreplaceable . – The years teach to qualities and secrets to us, that nonpodiamos to understand in our youth. – The experience of the years lived next to the loved being, is what it turns into true expert to us in which I I call the TRUE LOVE. – Mainly the knowledge that in the difficult time but of our lives, that the Oldness is , we will never be single in the world. – This it is the greater Treasure than we received, in exchange for our persistence and work to save our love. – Hopefully youth, of nowadays, could tartar to include/understand this concept.