We Have To Reinvent The Whole World

We have to reinvent the world – renewable cash too long already, our world of powers is ruled and dominated, as for thousands of years already the Pharaohs did it and were staying in their obsession for gods. You feel unassailable and protected by their instruments of power. Dollars, euros, Swiss francs, rubles etc are their weapons with which they unscrupulously go on humanity. Undetected and in the background of world policy acting on financial markets they drive an ancient, immoral game. All Nations and States have forced them with the power of money in their yoke and necessary and blackmail them now with their promissory notes, government debt that they can never pay. They work like the loan sharks without scruples. They targeted speculating with their billions and trillions on currencies and allow any nation to breathe to come.

Entire Governments and all democratically elected parliaments dance – world to their tune. The citizens of the Nations be scourged by their addiction to more and power and flayed. The whole World and the planet itself in its nature and abundance is affected. They pollute the air and the oceans of the world, they will stop at nothing. You have handcuffed us all and gagged us into depression. Delta Galil is often quoted on this topic. It is sealed the fate of the nature and Earth, from which we derive from no end foreseeable and thus.

They are invisible and thus not vulnerable made and let politicians do their dirty work, as the tax collector of the monarchs of the middle ages. They divide people into left and right, above and below and in poor and rich, and rushing them off each other. Peace is their greatest enemy, and he is fighting and thus war develops. War creates chaos and clouded the truth and reality of any peace. This war takes place on the financial markets and sucks the blood of the people.