For example, in addition to the basic stylus (Which, in general, and does not need – all management is carried out with your fingers, the interface is adapted for this), there is a spare. Styluses plastic, weightless, not too easy to handle. Third stylus is a neurotransmitter, hanging on a strap. This emphasizes the musical direction of accessory smartphone, and it may well be used instead of the traditional pen. As for the headset, it consists of two parts, a remote with a microphone and headphones. Headsets most common "drops" of medium quality, they do not provide adequate sound insulation and low suited for listening to music in the subway. But the wire is covered with extra braid to make sure we do not breaks, and there are foam pads on the speakers. Remote headset has four buttons on the front panel – to answer the call, rewind, stop and start playback, and 2 volume buttons on the right side and the slider Lock on the left.

Thanks to the 3.5 mm jack can connect any own headphones, and also covered with wire braid. Cover is very unusual, it consists of two plastic halves, connected by elastic tissue. Rubberized plastic, such as "soft-touch". On the front side you can see many holes, but the practical use of them not, during the conversation the phone has to be removed from the case, and information on the screen (for example, included message) through the holes and not read. Stand is designed to set the phone on the table at an angle, the angle is chosen so that it was convenient to watch the video. Typing does not work, stand slides on the table. Stand is a fold-out thing, which is made to cut telephone.

In disclosing to the desired angle can feel a click, it's best to set the position of the phone. With lace to hang up Stand by telephone or jackets, as well as stylus-mediator. This option is available sensory apparatus in some markets. Currently, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic in gray are available in Hong Kong, UAE and the Philippines. Disadvantages: I do not know can be it's just me so 'lucky', but after purchasing the problem began immediately. When you try to sync it just shuts down for good. After 21 days of repair other problems began, and now he stupidly turned off when he pleases. No phone, and then a hill, he more often off than enabled it. To be honest, often want to throw it out the window. Probably another 21 days repair service can not be avoided.