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ELCONs remote feed system helps operators optimize their fiber rollout and accelerated the market introduction ELCONs remote power supply system (RPS 1600) offers a unique opportunity to optimize the distribution of energy and to take full advantage of this bandwidth and performance of connected via optical fibre access networks. ELCONs RPS 1600 allows operators access networks savings of up to 40% of the costs incurred in the fibre-optic expansion for power supply and operation Regardless of the regional electricity distributors, the times for the establishment of FTTX can be and small cell networks shorten By continuing to use the existing copper wire network, a defined output of up to 15 watts over a distance of 6 km along a copper wire pair is guaranteed High energy efficiency of over 90% on the participants page Hartmannsdorf, 17 Dec 2013 – the rising demand for higher bandwidth and faster Internet connections forcing network operators continually to optimize their networks and develop. The To meet requirements of the end customer, access networks must be converted and completed closer to the customer and on glass fibre. The glass fibres is up to the KvZ (FTTC), an external network node (FTTN), or a distribution point in the vicinity of the building (FTTdp) in fixed networks. The fiber end is all these variants to a remote location and the active device technology requires an own power supply. The number of cells increases constantly in mobile networks, so that the network’s performance with the limited available spectrum. Therefore, mobile operators have now started with the construction of “small cells” or “HetNets” (mixed networks).

This requires more sites with “small cells”, which must be fed locally. Operation and maintenance of power supply systems for access networks are now more complex and expensive. In addition, the times for laying glass fibre, as the coordination of various regional utilities will be extended in These distribution networks is the real challenge. Secure network operation and service in event of power failure, need many new locations of battery systems for emergency electricity supply, causing considerable investment and ongoing maintenance costs. All of this provides network operators face major challenges: you must plan investments and at the same time provide a fast payback on these costs. ELCONs new remote power system (RPS) will help operators cope with this task. ELCON has many years of experience with remote power technologies in networks of leading network operators.

“The rising demand for fiber optic access networks is a big challenge for many network operators on the one hand, for but also the opportunity to optimize their current distribution in the increasingly complex network structures. The operating costs be a centralised food distribution control much more efficiently and achieve significant cost savings”, emphasizes Werner Neubauer, CEO at ELCON. About ELCON: ELCON Systemtechnik GmbH is a leading provider of innovative and future-oriented telecommunications solutions in the areas of network access and food distribution. With a focus on optimization of telecommunications networks, ELCON is leader in remote power solutions and network completion technology for private and business customers, as well as mobile phone services. ELCON has sold more than 10 million products worldwide to leading telecommunications operators in 34 countries. founded in 1990 and headquartered German, ELCON maintains two research and development centers, a State of the art manufacturing facility in Germany, as well as sales and service centres in Germany, France, Italy, Britain and Austria. More information under: your contact person: ELCON Systemtechnik GmbH Katarina Schinke Tel.: + 49 3722 7351-331 E-Mail: