Drainage Pipes

Drainage pipes – drainage pipes are part of the drainage system and are the main working body. Drainage is used since ancient times and are made of different materials. Today culverts made from polyethylene because this material has several advantages over the others. In the first instance to the main advantage of drainage pipes hdpe include their longitudinal stiffness at the same time axial flexibility. The service life of culverts is a term of about 50 years, and their weight is negligible, which greatly facilitates their installation (for comparison: one bay drainage pipe diameter of 110 mm and weighs about 25 killogramm, and one bay pipe diameter of 160 mm and weighs about 50 killogramm). Drainage pipes manufactured by pbt are a quality product, which in comparison with analogues produced competitors has the following advantages: the holes in the drainage pipes do not pierce or make their way as most analogues, which makes two significant advantages. First, the holes in the drainage pipes are closed, as in the hole tube is left hanging material (in the case of a puncture drainage pipes such residues may block the drain pipe and eventually stop working). Secondly, the width of the hole can adjust the width of slotted mills, ie, holes can be of any depth and width, depending on customer needs. Also, it ensures success of the drainage system as a whole, as in the case of siltation of the drainage holes continues to successfully work. Drainage pipes wrapped in a protective filter material (geotextile), which provides protection for the holes in the drainage pipes from silting. To purchase culverts wholesale or retail, please contact our managers listed on the site phones.