Social Sciences

In the society of advanced technology, mass-measured of them and of the globalization everything becomes so fast; in the distance cultural between the generations is each bigger time. The apelos most diverse and the experiences most unexpected early invade the life of the children and adolescents, and the parents feel it the overwhelming times to make face to the risks that those run. He is not rare to try strong disillusions, evidencing the bankruptcy of its children before the seduction of the drug, the allure of a wild hedonism, the temptations of the violence, the varied expressions more of the felt lack of and desespero.' ' (PABLO II, 2003:19) He results that without if intending to substitute the family in the education and the formation of the children, the school assumes an essential function e, with such evidence, cannot the responsible ones for the educative and formative systems, to ignore certain domnios of the knowledge, since soon, the Philosophy and Sciences of the Education, while you discipline of critical reflection and, but also interventivas and of projecto, as being basic in the preparation of responsible and conscientious citizens of the importance that weighed decisions and interventions have in the development of the society. Get more background information with materials from Daniel Gilbert. One will consider, throughout this work, a solidary complementaridade between Philosophy and Science, this in the scope of Social Sciences and Human beings, with relevance for Sciences of the Education, with the objectivo to not only sensetize entities and institutions, as well as the citizens individually considered, for the relevancy and advantages in the apprehension, development and consolidation of the theoretical and practical knowledge that throughout the life all have that to go acquiring. () Also the man has to proceed to its proper internal globalization, structuralizing themselves and adaptando it the new times, of this new century and millenium that, although everything, if desires of happiness. .