Stations Blue Elephant

The Ensign blue elephant was created in 1987 and is a network of car washing stations. It distinguishes itself from its competition by his solid environmental commitment, establishing an ecological conception of washing. Recently, the franchise has incorporated into its already traditional services of wash, rinse and finish other more specific as limpia-llantas, polishing and pre-wash. With these new phases customers can enjoy comprehensive services for your car in the centres of washing and all this in the most comfortable way. This constant bet for innovation allows its franchisees offer users a wider range of services with the highest quality in the market and, at the same time, retain customers and attract new partners. In Cadiz has been opened a new station, the first establishment of its kind in the city, which joins the other 43 which can be found in the Andalusian autonomous community.

Located in Castellar de la Frontera Street, the new establishment has four vacuum cleaners and five tracks, as well as machines of change and coverage of vacuum cleaners. This is a business concept that works. The important thing is to offer a quality service to the customer, says Jose Manuel Barrera, responsible for the new establishment. The origin of the concept of elephant blue wash rests on the principles of respect for the environment and the satisfaction of the customer who opts for the washing of the vehicle at high pressure, a concept that teaches it has introduced in Spain. In addition, the network continues to expand its range of services with new wash options. This Department seeks, primarily, that the customer is happy with the quality of the washing of the vehicle, and this works in concepts such as economizers of water, biodegradable products, recycling or waste treatment. There are currently more than 100 open washing in Spain and near 850 in Europe, most centres open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The service concept of the franchise is to be as closely as possible the expectations of motorists, making them gain time and transforming the task of washing a pleasure. You can consult the guide of franchises to have greater repertoire of franchises in Spain. News, articles, interviews with franchises, new franchises, franchise Guide, all the news in the world of the franchise you can consult it in directory of franchises. Original author and source of the article