Penalty (2006) summarizes that the perspective of the theory of newsmaking, of which if they include gatekeeper, is a construtivista theory, that is, it emphasizes the conventional character of the notice, admitting that they inform and have reference in the reality. For Penalty (they idem) the notice seen for this optics, helps to construct to this same reality and possesss an internal logic of constitution that influences the construction process all. I can conclude in this chapter that under all the analyses, vises and under all the aspects the notice are the substance cousin of any journalistic way. It is the bedding of which if alicera great news articles. She is around it that the activities of gigantic journalistic organizations if concentrate and that the scholars on the subject if lean over in the direction to form concepts, hypotheses and theories on its effect caused to the social environment. The notice passes for a production routine, that involves many 0 variable of different nature. The apparatuses of production followed by sociology of the journalistic profession, they influence in the productive process of the information, of which the notice is the basic ingredient. To finish, the concepts and examples that I used in this first chapter had been for guiding the subject on what it is the news in the TV, subjects that I will treat I capitulate in it following and to give a theoretical recital to the analysis that will be made in third I capitulate.

2A NOTICE IN the TV – OF the HYPOTHESES AND THEORIES To the PRACTICAL one OF the DAY-BY-DAY JOURNALISTIC one In the previous chapter I detached the importance of theories that in my conception influence the communication and the media in general, over all the telejornalismo. My intention in the two chapters to follow is to identify the practical application of these theories in my objects of analysis, periodical of the Record and Jornal of the Culture. I will start, therefore for an analysis on the effect of the image propagated for the TV in the social context and on the telejornalismo as being integrant part of the process of televising production. 2.1Sentidos and meanings through of the television Beyond historical, economic and sociocultural the transformations proper of our time, the way of the mediaes between the human being and the real world also come moving. The mediaes, made through the images and of the technologies come transforming the forms to see and of looking at. In