Terrorist Attacks

The explosions took place almost simultaneously in three points of the city. The Indian ministry of the Interior confirms that it is a terrorist attack. The Police urges to the citizens that they limit his movements. At least 21 people died and more from a wounded hundred Wednesdays in a chain of explosions in Bombay were east, in the first great terrorist action in this Indian city from the multiple attack of 2008. The explosions took place shortly before the 19,00 local time (15,30 Spanish peninsular hour) in an interval of about fifteen minutes in three points different from the south and center of the populated financial capital of India, according to different official sources. Two of the detonations were registered in the southern part of the large city; here a device located in an umbrella exploded in a popular jewel market known like Zaveri, whereas another one exploded in the neighborhoods of an opera. One third explosion in center took place in a vehicle in the environs of a station of trains of the area of Dadar, located of Bombay. " We ran and we saw great humareda.

When the smoke dissipated we saw people thrown in the dying ground shouting of dolor" , a witness of the deflagration in the zone of the opera explained to agency IANS. The attacked points are residential zones very concurred. Vicej of the regional Government, Umesh Sarangi, based in 21 the deads and 113 the wounded, according to informed diverse means into the Asian country. In declarations to the press, the Indian minister of the Interior, P. Chidambaram, that is had displaced to Bombay, described the actions of " he attacks coordinated of terrorists ". In an official notice, prime minister, Manmohan Singh, asked to the population that " he keeps calma" and that " unida&quot stays;. To this call the Police of Bombay was united that through messages of text to the moving body users urged to the citizens that they limit his movements until the situation returns to normality, according to the television network NDTV.