Eduardo Blanco

Those who stand out, the outstanding, which achieved success, they know they differentiate between execution-oriented, productive work and the mere effort to tread on keys for hours, they try to cleverly avoid this last. Dedicate yourself to your business, concentrate on him and never forget that in this medium research is a fundamental part of the business: If these concepts apply your business anger growing. ATTITUDE: Surely you’ve already visited many people well known in internet sites and that have actually been very successful in their business.I ask you: do you think than when it started they thought follows:? I’ll try six months and if I don’t make much money left him! NO, definitely not. Would these people never think so, a new venture, a new project for them is a challenge, a challenge; It is something new to perform, is the new task to engage and put all his effort, his strength and his vitality in it; The wonderful thing is that they can perform several projects at the same time; And all are successful, because they are disciplined for their tasks, they learned to organize and can handle several projects at the same time, but mainly because they believe in themselves. But it wasn’t always so, not always they knew how to do it. They had to learn, any of them can tell you that at the beginning they spent hard times, that they cost you relate even as they failed with a project. But he did not care, continued forward because his life is governed by your positive attitude.

Usually we start something new with all our expectation founded, with our best intentions and our firm attitude. And this is the crucial point, the firm attitude with which you can start this project will be key, but even more, you will need to keep it. It is not something that says I, it is proven that the vast majority begin with full force and then slowly go down arms, will be resigning, merman in his effort, decay in their attitude and not finally arrive at the desired success.And here is one of the paradoxes of the human being that comes from generally favorable results are delayed. The more we need our positive attitude less we exercise it. Well, as always trying to bring something positive to that on this new path, which, by now a target, you’ve decided to start to walk, whether that can lead you to one greater way by which you arribes finally to your desired goal. Lots of luck! Eduardo Blanco.

Promoscreen – Interactive Advertising Terminals At ETHA

Information terminals, kiosk systems and displays for the rent or buy Promosscreens are the advertising medium of the future. Read more here: Francisco D’Agostino. Such as electronic posters you protrude especially in public places increasingly high. The audio-visual are information systems do little more on train stations or airports. Such interactive billboards are suitable for advertising, but also as a guide, information or as an Internet terminal. Everyone who ever flew, who knows the monitors showing arrival and departure times of the aircraft. But hardly anyone is aware the possibilities offered by the so-called Promoscreen.

Digital signage, to german digital refers to the use of digital media for advertising and information systems. Info Terminal, advertising terminals, stair now available the latest and interactive display solutions in sales for digital media technology, ETHA conference technology. ETHA is now Germany distributor for the presentation display manufacturer “Promoscreen”? This presentation displays are characterised by high Compatibility, flexibility and a wide range of clothing off. Because from 32 “to 82”, as a single or multiple monitor in the extra portrait or landscape, with or without touch screen; the solution is in our product range. Thus, ETHA offers a new kind of advertising in all sizes. For movie theaters, train stations, shopping malls whether as ordering terminals in cinemas or as alternating, target group-oriented presentation stands at trade fairs or conferences. Whether as large-screen display for museums or in demo rooms Extrabreit or extra high. There are the right digital signage product for any purpose.

A further possibility, in the shopping centre itself, is the customer. At the entrance of the shopping centre, or an amusement park, for example, an interactive screen with touch screen, of course could be on the customers might search for local businesses. Be direct, after the contact, the information displayed on the screen. Let’s imagine, that in an amusement park near the entrance information could get on the roller coaster. You might get to see a breathtaking video, our subconscious mind turns back and heading for us directly on the roller coaster. The brand Promoscreen will also to customer needs. That’s why ETHA offers also the manufacture of custom-made Promoscreens. ETHA GmbH & co. KG is a brand Distributor and rental companies in the area of lighting, sound and media technology, distributes the ERP PHPW by Optibit but also third-party products. The team relies on quality and reliability. Therefore, there are many brand-name products and high-quality solutions at ETHA. Also ETHA helps planners and engineering large event halls, theatres and discos nationwide facilities. Contact: ETHA international GmbH & co. KG Andreas Hoffmann Castle Street 19 97857 Urspringen Tel.: 09396 / 97 01 – 0 fax: 09396 / 97 01 – 49 E-Mail: