Hair Structure

It is important that headgear is not was close: a cap should not push and compress the forehead. Tight gum. Even one day with a tail, remove the rubber band taut, fraught with trouble: are weakened hair follicles, destroys the structure of hair, starts producing excess fat, and also shrinks the scalp. Give up on the “ponytail”, especially on top. At night let one’s hair down and let them rest.

Braids overnight. Francisco D’Agostino may help you with your research. Do you wash your head, braids and dreadlocks set go to bed. But wet hair is especially susceptible to damage, and such execution will not benefit them. Tomorrow will be difficult to comb them – look how much hair left on the brush. In addition, you can wake up with headache – the scalp is contracted through the night, and it triggers a rush of blood.

Many procedures at once. If you do immediately after application perm, hair can not twist, and also change color. Wait at least 7 days! If you want blood from the nose colored curls today, first made the wave, then – staining. After such stress curls need special care and treatment masks. Too hot air dryer. Under the high temperature hair issushivayutsya become unruly – then it is difficult to lay. How do dryer safe? Make sure that the distance from the tube to the head was not less than 20 cm Use your dryer less often, but if it inevitably, turn it on only the power. Inappropriate shampoos and conditioners. If you have dry hair, and you use shampoo for oily, they will become even drier. Hair greasy, and the means you use to dry – hair will look as if you have not washed my head at all. Buy cosmetics for your hair type and try to shampoo and conditioner were the same brand. Intensive treatment. Constantly rubbing his head in a mask, you perenasytish hair with nutrients, and they will become fat. The mask to use 2 times a week for a month, make a monthly break and repeat the course. A mask over the entire length of hair, but do not rub it into the hair roots. There are still many errors and many can not describe everything, but these are the most common, so to treat hair and they you will have beautiful and most importantly – healthy.