Human Rights More

Prezados Friends and Brothers in Jesus Christ. It wanted to reveal, to all, that today I woke up with an inexplicably huge Joy. Of where it came so great Joy, it asked to me, when I bound the TV. vi a news article of the Periodical of the Globe that explained: The ONU is creating a law that it determines that the Man (and women, children, etc) have the RIGHT the HAPPINESS. Something as the Human Rights. in the Brazilian congress (very small proposital) Mr.

Cristovo Buarque (if it will not be little matters) is creating one same law to be voted for Brazil. (' ' That Beleza' ' as the esportivo speaker says By the way) -, to discover extraordinary things, is proper of the cristovos …… We will not have more lixes, omde the rats and urubus coexist entire families now searching foods …… will not in general have sick more and women in labor with problems in the public and private hospitals Brazilian education will enter in the age of the biggest schools of the world, it is not without reason that the Haward director – (I do not know Portuguese English and nor) it comes to Brazil to take students Brazilians to study there also he has already meetings set appointments with a member of the house of representatives, I do not know if of psdb, if of psb or pmdb, I do not know the name well, but me it seems to be CHULAPA or CHULIPA, considered, the Pope of the Brazilian uneducated ……. house for all with all infrastructure – that he will pass to be called ' ' my house, mine felicidade' ' . to the signed being this law for our president, the corruption will leave to exist ….. . .e in the world will not have more wars, the Children of Etipia, Somlia and of the world all, after the publication of the decree, will be gordinhas and exempt of any sequelas of the problems of greets the law previous …….

I go to stop this way to tan, since already, so great happiness and because I do not obtain more to write therefore the tears are jumping to the keyboard, not leaving to see me the same. . .tudo already on account of this happiness. Congratulations for all. Already we are living ' ' NEW ERA' ' ' ' HAPPY GLOBALIZAO' ' obs: but as we always have somebody to confuse wonderful ideas, as a certain Norwegian young, sees a little of the poem of a certain Portuguese young (of Portugal) ' ' the happiness is where the pomes but the pomes where never we are ' ' as it says jabour ' ' we go to be happy and that the world that if lixe' '