Color Documents

More and more modern office use in their daily work full-color printing. The main devices for printing in the office of “native” are laser printers and, more recently, multi- device. Today, among the well-known brands in the “black and white office” are the HP and Xerox. Unconditional trust are the manufacturers of these brands with confidence to the Ukrainian market by supplying its own color laser device. But few people know that in 2009-2010 a special place was occupied by color printers OKI. Quality and reliability of devices made devices OKI main competitor in the color laser market. But what about the economy? Toner refill oki become available even for the most “heavy” vehicles.

It is possible to reduce the cost of printing has become one of the criteria for selecting equipment. But for color devices are more sensitive to the quality of filling materials. More recently, among system administrators a common opinion that it is impossible qualitatively fill color laser / LED printer cartridges OKI. Yes, and cartridges for monochrome devices often do not refueled. Why now the situation changed? Today, the technology has changed production techniques Soho, China has become the main production partner, Japanese and American companies.

Many Asian production associations have both signed contracts with major brands that are direct competitors. If yesterday the company could create and produce a product of the actual developed and manufactured parts incl and toners. Now most of the developers of electronic products rely on the fact that you can create a new device, the maximum saving on cheap Asian assembly, components and “Relatively generic components.” An interesting fact is that the OKI monochrome not refill because of totally original in its properties of toner, compatible toner production was inefficient as the proportion of the park OKI printers in the total volume was negligible for the beginning of sound production of compatible supplies. The situation with the aids OKI color was diametrically opposite. Service toner refill oki available on all models of printers and MFP lines. All cartridges for OKI models are now able to print quality after refilling.