Director Civil

It also highlights other voices giving the feeling of being opportunists as director of the OCU. But also exposes the defense of the PSOE with accusations of inefficiency (and more) policies which are aimed between the two parties. The 29th culminates this episode with the following approach (since other events of an international character and great claims overshadow this small national episode): the 30 day a citizen us rescues of the contaminant maelstrom of these informations and puts us in a situation describing us a reality that happens every year, which is not resolved and that is not politicized, perhaps this opinion is mine – because none of the two most voted parties bring juice to the efficacy or not to protect these citizens (in little representative number for elections), who are living with this problem every winter and not casually with the headstrong geography weather. END OF THESE TWO MEDIA POSITIONING: The country: highlighting the revision of the emergency plans and the exoneration from the Mayor of Burgos (who did not have such a great temporary News), as well as the apologies of the owner of building, the Secretary of State and a slight outline to the criticism of the opposition party… The world: Detailing possible new actions in the regulation that the Government wishes to perform. Recognition Minister of poor performance and with the request for resignation of the Director-General of Civil protection by the letters of the affected citizens hearing PP: only collected three cards, one in each journal on the same date 29/12/04 in the country that flaunts an objectivity by publishing the letter from an affected apology in a language that denotes the tone of sarcasm and inconsistency with the words of the Director Civil protection and the other in the journal El Mundo claiming objectivity in the issuance of TVE, string that according to who regulate it gives unreliable priority criteria. Isaac Dabah insists that this is the case.