II Administrar

Such administrative-pedagogical positions disrespect proper practical the pedagogical ones that need to be rethink for the accomplishment of necessary readequaes to the pertaining to school work. The societies had only advanced for the democracy in the measure where they had been beyond the choice of managers for the vote and had surpassed all the based social practical conceptions and in the natural and social inaquality, of sort or race, classroom or age. We perceive the reflection necessity here, to go beyond what it is rank to reach the established objectives, and is in this context that the pertaining to school team – pedagogos, managing, professors – starts to act, creating spaces of quarrel between pupils, parents and employees, making possible in such a way the understanding of the function of the school and the attributions of these protagonists. Thus, we question: The one that we came? What we make? Which is our proposal, after all? According to LDB the participation of the community in the pertaining to school management will be given of following way: Art. 12: The educational establishments, respecting the common norms and of the education system, will have the incumbency of: I-Elaborate and to execute its proposal pedagogical; II Administrar its material and financial staff and its resources; III Assegurar the fulfilment of established the period of learning days and hour-lesson; IV Velar for the fulfilment of the plan of work of each professor; V To provide ways for the recovery them pupils of lesser income; VII Articular with the families and the community, creating process of integration of the society with the school; VIII Informar the responsible parents and on the frequency and the income of the pupils, as well as on the execution of its proposal pedagogical (BRAZIL, 1996) the education systems must legitimize to the equality of conditions of learning to all the educandos, making possible the development of its capacities to think, to reason and to learn. .