Mendoza Tunuyan

Tunuyn is one of the smallest departments of the province of Mendoza. Located in the central part, and with a more or less triangular form, one of his sides it limits with the Republic of Chile. On little than 3300 kilometers squared more, it counts on a population of about 50,000 inhabitants. Thanks to his enormous attractive tourist ones it is possible to find alojaminto in Mendoza (Tunuyn) of all the categories and different prices, from modest inns to exclusive hotels five stars, and hotels boutique, the latest in tendencies in tourism. Tunuyn lodges the famous Valley of Uco, site of origin of appreciated wines more of the world. In addition, in this place blessed by an enormous beauty, it is possible to realise a circuit of religious tourism, with old and historical chapels. The parish Our Lady of the Carmen is an excellent departure point to enter in a trip that puts in contact with the divinity and the religious fervor to us.

From here, following denominated the footpath Running Productive we arrived until Dry Villa, where we will find the sanctuary Helping Maria and the chapel San Judas Tadeo, in the Trees. This last temple shows a particular beauty product of the natural erosion that the time has produced in its facade. More ahead in the route, in the locality of Vista Flowers the chapel of the Immaculate Conception of Maria can be visited, where a oratory exists consecrated the virgin of the Rosary. Following by route 94, in a completely rural atmosphere is the chapel of San Antonio, in a place of incredible natural beauty. But for those who are loving of the extreme sports, the valley of Uco is the indicated site to find an ample trowel of possibilities.

For those who enjoy the cavalcades, it is possible to be said that there is no better place in the planet. There is an enormous amount of footpaths and already drawn up that allows a safe and extremely funny route. Another possibility is to practice rapel, where the enormous stony strong walls are offered to be conquered by the fans. The aquatic fishing and activities find the places perfect to do practiced. mighty Tunuyn river suffers, throughout its extensive route, with a river basin of more than 33,000 km, a series of endicados in order to obtain hydroelectric energy. This allows the formation of different artificial reservorios or Lagos that are lent beautifully for the mentioned activities. The tourism in Mendoza finds in the Valley of Uco a zone that has known to interpret the demands and the flood of great volume of visitors who arrive these earth.