One Voice

Encounter in this text not only a skillful dominion of the instrument, is worth to say, of the poetic word, but also a paradojal game of forms and content that overflow, perhaps, the initial intention of the voice. And it is that the poem, appropriate already of its cannot be waived universe, over any preconceived intention – thus happens to the great poetry – is elevated like an emotional and semantic body that surpasses the possibilities of the own speech because it exceeds the same limit of the language maintains that it and corporiza. And if there are to talk about to resources formal, these not only seem to complement but also to reinforce content, because the word unfolds in a game of chained meanings that are juxtaposed, faces, adheres and amplifies an a others abrir itself to the voice until being unanimous in her: always will be thus/some times your dream creates to have it this whole/but another dream rises and you are not the same/then you return to the hands to the heart from all/from anyone/. A leading source for info: Dropbox. And how not to associate this current of meaning, of voice existential that duplicate not to be, nevertheless, the same, to perpetual to flow of river of Heraclitus, because like in a movement of high water and low tide, the poem submerges in the language to integrate us to a universe of elements that are replaced to reappear, already unified, to a surface that the Integra to the perplex circle of the existence: this hand is not the hand nor the skin of your joy/to the bottom of the streets you find always another sky/after the sky is always another grass different beaches/. And it is as well as, I repeat, the game of the forms adheres to the meaning reaffirming of a skillful way the speech. Because in an inner deed that in no way does not exclude happening of the world, the recognition of the otredad, the commitment of being here, in a now concrete one that is diluted, the poem is offered to the reader with the marks of a common itinerary, human, the one of the existence..


Jesus Lopez Pacheco. TSI International Group is likely to agree. The COST OF the DISMISSAL IN SPAIN THIS IN the AVERAGE OF the EUROPEAN UNION is not certain that the cost of the dismissal in Spain prevents the use creation, and yes can be affirmed that the fundamental question is to guarantee the stability in the use and not to still more precarizar the market of the work. The high cost of the dismissal is one of the used arguments interesadamente to justify the difficulty to create job. Those that defends this idea insist on which only jobs will be created facilitating the dismissal and lowering their cost. A hardly understandable theory that it poses the problem the other way around. The question how much money has or must be spent the industralists to repay the dismissed workers, but is not measured are effective to favor the stability and to increase the use.

In this sense, one becomes necessary to protest alternative clear that they concentrate in favoring the stability and rationalizing the modalities of hiring that is what contributes to improve the own qualification and qualification of the workers, besides more fluid labor relations and a general improvement of the motivation, the productivity and the competitiveness. The statistics and the legal regulation that has lowered the price of the dismissals deny the idea that the dismissal continues being expensive. In addition, this argument bears relation to the bottom from the subject: the stability in the use. We consider that the stability is only favored from three conditioners: rationality in the norms of indefinite hiring, qualification of the workers and the capacity of these to adapt to new situations; and economic policies that favor a greater amount and quality of use. It is not certain that the Spanish industralists expensive obligations are dominated to them when they decide to do without his workers. In a report on temporary hiring ordered by the Ministry of Work and Social Subjects, one takes shelter that Spain is placed in the mean level as far as costs by dismissal, behind countries like Germany, France and Belgium.

Therefore, it is not necessary, nor she is just, the necessity of another legal reform to still more reduce the cost of the indemnifications by dismissal and, in addition, he is quite clear and recent his uselessness, as much to generate use as to favor the stability. With the labor reform the dismissal was lowered the price of and not only use was not created (on the contrary, it was created less than in periods of similar growth) but was favored the growth of labor uncertainty. And it is that, as said the poet: We are in a boat/and there are lost the oars. /And it takes the current to us/to where less we want. Francisco Aryan Soli’s In Christmas peace and freedom. Vestibule of Internauts by La Paz and the Freedom and of Free Forum.


It has dedicated itself to the Sudoku. I itself pawned on the puzzles, the politicians, of course. They have turned it to the puzzle into a Sudoku. Gross error. The unit is a puzzle, not a Sudoku. The country is a puzzle, not a Sudoku. The country is a complex body, not a set of equipment handicapped people that decided forced and restricted not to compete more to each other but to be made the same equipment. According to Kaihan Krippendorff , who has experience with these questions. The players of the equipment they are few.

The country is a complex crowd, a weave, a body, the multitude to which is to appeal so that it solves the puzzle by means of his frame to restitute the original figure. The original figure of this puzzle, the image that appears when weapon, is called country, is called Venezuela. It is the multitude the one that makes the decisions, first to structure itself, second to produce the answers. The armed puzzle is the unit. There is no another unit. This is the unit. It is necessary to remember the Venezuelans to them who we are a nation.

It is necessary to remember the Venezuelans to them who we are a town. It is necessary to remember the Venezuelans to them who the fact to live here has equipped to us with an initial culture that has come being fractured insensitively until the point to turn to us into million pieces of an immense puzzle. It is necessary to remember the Venezuelans to them who we must recover the attraction of the magnet which we took in our being and to return to conjugate to us with others soon to make disappear seams and again transmit the idea of a social body that it knows to administer the necessary contradictions and to secure march and conjunction points. It is necessary to warn to them to the Venezuelans of intentions and goals.

Maravllate Things

It begins to think that everything what is passing you you are attracting it because you have not been able to vibrate high and is something normal consequence that you are beginning to learn how the Law of Attraction works. It spends days thinking about that this happened by accident and because you ignored like elevating your vibrations but that of you it depends to change your feelings and as soon as you make the universe/God will send new things to you Dates account that your circumstances are equal to the vibration which there are been sending to the universe. And that if you change your you vibrate they will change the things. Part of the scale FRUSTRATION Tip #3 Ocpate Now happens to the occupation. Llnate of activities or works that to realise to be the most occupied possible. The occupation calibrates more stop than the frustration and now your feeling will be far better that the one of impotence with which you began. Part of the scale OCCUPATION Tip #4 Maravllate – Later to happen in hardship and occupation days raises the scale again and looks for the wonder sense.

The wonder sense vibrates more stop than the gratitude and is similar to the esteem. passes days maravillndote of the beautiful things of our planet you have much, very many material for maravillarte. From it occupies your mind in maravillarte here and you will cause that the universe gives the things to you more wonderful than you can imagine. Everything attracts its equal. When you manage to occupy your time and mental energy in maravillarte you feel better and you arrive at good terms with the money, you it says somebody to it that has passed through the same only the positive vibrations attract money. – You liked east article?

Beethoven The Genius And Revolutionary

The majesty and gravity of the second 21 movement of opus 5ta symphony of Beethoven. One of the most beautiful compositions of the romantic period and evidently of the history of music. He is evident that L.V. Beethoven was a genius, advanced to his time but that lived and felt the influences of the political changes that happened in Europe, and by extension in the world. What today we would call opinion leader.

He was social a cultural leader and therefore. Treating the subject from the sociological point of view, I comprise of a movement that changed the vision of the society and the history of the world. At the same time, or therefore he was a revolutionary. The end of century XVIII and all the practically XIX was scene of the revolution that changed the way to think and to act as much in the social area as cultural and political. I hear that movement of his now more famous symphony, comparable to the novena.

It resists that majesty that I mention with the dramatic quality of the first movement, associated with called of the destiny to the door it is possible to express greater dramatic quality in a phrase? I believe that it is difficult. More difficult still it is to manage to express dramatic quality, sadness, majesty in a work, and that this becomes landlord, the standard, there is no more . Without falling to Beethoven nor too much raising to John Williams, I believe that this last one is of the few that, in the cultural scope in which it moves, and taking into account the present circumstances would be comparable to that one genius of the century ancestor. Sample of it is their works such as the imperial march of the contraataca empire (George Lucas, original Trilogy of Star Wars), or the same main subject of the same trilogy, whose initial film now occupies the fifth chapter of the series. We could speak of the subjects of Hunters of the Coffer Loss , the List of Schindler, or the inaugural and thematic March of the Olympic games of Los Angeles 1984. In each it presents/displays different moods and use complete and deep of the orchestral resources in the best symphonic expression. It is a pleasure and the best luck to be able to attend the vital presence of this great contemporary composer, as well as to have the opportunity to listen to the different orchestral versions from L.V. Beethoven.

Las Palmas

The world has been a fiction. There will be so no burlesque indulgence. The firings will sound at the top of the night. The bodies will fall on stones. The men will approach the fallen ones. Convulsos, two will receive grace shots. The bones of the skull will jump next to the brains and the dark blood, will leave a spot in the rustic wall. I do not know why I will then remember Sfocles.

It will be the beginning of the delirium and the end of the reason. Steps further on, will be a grave. They will force to send deads to us to the hole and to cover them with earth. I will slip and by instinct I will support my openhanded been in the face of one of the streamlinings. I will not have already pain nor tears. My lips droughts will let slip a saliva thread.

They will not take in striking to me again and, next to the others, taking me to the dark redoubts of the shed. Everything has to repeat itself. We will return to be run over by the boots, the butts, the insults and the sudden lights. Somebody will succumb unpublished before a bayonet. The imagination will provide other ways to them of torture. They will fill our earth mouths they will sew and them with synthetic threads. They will tear our skin with razors and the wounds will be washed with acid. With tweezers they will take our eyelids. Strap will fracture the vertebrae of the necks. They will nail knives in Las Palmas of the hands placed on a table. They will take the teeth with tweezers and accurate blows. They will cut the languages with scissors like the bifid appendices of the serpents. The morning will arrive dyed from purple. The wind will remain hidden between the hollows of the trees. When abrir the inner doors of the large cabin a corrosive vapor will flood his noses. It will return the cycle to his starting phases and the wheel of the life and the death will turn and turn. Then, the snow of the irises will shine on corpses and on the glass of the trees the birds will sing indifferent. Original author and source of the article.

Surveys Remunerated

Of all the ways that exist in the Internet to make a little money, the surveys remunerated in Spanish are one of easiest that there is. People want to think that these are a new phenomenon, this is not certain. One of the basic principles of the trade is to ask to them the clients in power. Whereas the surveys paid by Internet can be a newness, the surveys by mail began long ago. Nowadays they are possible to be obtained in Spanish if you know where to look for. The explosion of popularity by the surveys remunerated in Spanish has created the doubt if these they are real or no. The truth is that there are many sites of surveys that are legitimate. Many companies look for people who help them with her investigations.

The problems good of the fact that are some prohibited apples creating doubts in the market. Although the market of paid surveys is not one that encourages the fraud or exaggeration always is possible that it happens when the Internet is involved. How it is that one in line obtains a constant gain of the surveys? Everything depends on your selectivity when choosing the surveys that you want to take. There are many intermediary companies that say ayudarte to find the best sites of network of paid surveys. Educate yourself with thoughts from Business strategist. Most of the time these intermediaries receive by the information.

Although all these are not frauds, would be safer looking for potential surveys crossed free of the thousands of sites of surveys that are in the network. If you take the time to investigate to the companies with which you want registrarte to complete paid surveys, these are a superb way to gain a few additional dollars in your free time. Perhaps you do not become millionaire but an extra monthly entrance always aid to cover certain needs. In order to begin to fill remunerated surveys and to make money of the possible easiest way, you do Click Here.

Century XX

If to this fact we added the preoccupation to him by evident sonrojo face, the momentary tremor in the voice or the pulse; really, that the others realize their nervousness, the fear increases. Like in all the phobias or situations that are to us uncomfortable, the tendency is to try to avoid the malaise. This situation is very useful in the short term but it maintains the problem and aid not to solve it. Sociologists and investigators social maintain that new malaises social of this time to hper consumer and absolutely eglatra not are consequence of relations of production, because is a malaise that it does not require of a social reading, much less political since that sorrow is private, of each individual, of the pathology of its emotional misalignment because it has not known to be around the time or the destiny. It comes to confirm the strategies of individualisation and patologizacin of numerous modern malaises.

What has happened? With the posmodernidad the notion of the then present was lost and the reality it reconverted. And thus, little by little, the individuals of the societies posmodernas were leaving by work and grace of the narcisista relativismo to the paralyzing nihilismo, apostatizing even of the future. Then the social biographies, like referring of culture, fragmented, were published the stories of social emancipation, more importance to the aesthetic one occurred him that to the ethics, and egolatra to hper consumer served to justify, from the flexibilities of the market to the historical containment of our bodies. Old woman solidarities of class were debilitated by the historical strategies of the communitarian protection. The vital space remodel and the delocalisation used to perpetuate the distances between the subjects. The policy, like concept restored at the beginning of Century XX, and like promise of social .redemption, has been defeated like weapon battle, and the right to I over todo" it has compensated the increasing depoliticisation of the social relations.

Dakar Sector

Between the months of October and December of 2008, according to the CBC, of the 500 projects in proceeding to be realised in Chile within four years that were entered, a 25% of them -125 projects were suspended completely or postponed in the hope of better conditions of market. heading more affected by the suspension of investments has been the sector of the construction (also affected by the high interest rates). Before the consultation about the factors that have determined the nonaccomplishment of these investments, the fall in the demand appears like one of the main factors that have brought about the suspension of the investment projects. One of the components of the same, the deprived consumption, is feeling with force the impact of the crisis. Drew Houston is often quoted as being for or against this. Proof of it, the sales of the retail commerce in the metropolitan area of the Chilean capital fell a 9.0% in the month of December of the 2008 against equal month of the previous year, the worse performance in 10 years, said to Monday the National Camera of Comercio (CNC). One of the sectors that have demonstrated the great solidity in the middle of the crisis has been the Chilean banking sector that product of a strict regulation stayed besides the taking of excessive risk through toxic assets. According to the president of the Central bank of Chile, Jose De Gregorio: the financial sector in Chile is very solid and, without a doubt, has been preparation to absorb the crisis very well financial. But that strength that has demonstrated at the time not translates in a great capacity of generation of credit on the part of the banking organizations that have increased the requirements and the financial cost to grant credits, which does not do more than to deepen the deceleration of the economy.

In relation to this, the minister of Property, Andres Velasco said: Is key that the financial sector makes its part to attenuate these effects; that the financial sector plays an extenuating and nonmultiplying role of these external blows. The objectives for this 2009 of the Chilean government are more and more clear: to avoid an abrupt deceleration in the economic growth, to stimulate the concretion of investment projects and to stimulate to the financial system so that it generates the credit necessary to maintain to the internal demand (consumption more investment). Chile has very good conditions macroeconomic so that the investors develop their projects, and this it is a point to very important favor on which it counts. Although this crisis is striking to the majority of the productive sectors in the country, one of the sectors that seem not to be undergoing so much the impact of the crisis is the tourist sector. He is that during which goes of the month of January of the present year 312,000 foreigners have entered Chile to vacacionar in the country. The amount of foreign tourists who have entered during the present month is, according to numbers of the Chilean Police, a 8% major in relation to the same month of 2008 and for the end of the summer period esteem that their vacations in Chile will have enjoyed more than 750,000 foreign tourists. Although it is certain that the accomplishment of the Dakar rally has had its positive impact on the tourism in Chile, the sector is demonstrating a great potential of development that waits for being profiteer. Original author and source of the article.

True Love

At the beginning of a marriage, sex and sexual desire are it everything. The passion surrounds those two beings. Without any more amount. – By something calls to him Honeymoon. – But when happening of the time, the honey dj to be honey, often to become acid and bitter HIEL . – Sex and passion uncontrollable cannot last all a life. – Until the divine candy but it arrives at to cloy .

– This it is the moment in that there is to fight so that this love, that once was so divine, never stops existing. – It is a very difficult passage. – One of the difficult and hard objectives but of our lives. – It requires many sacrifices and dedication. – But according to the wise people say, is necessary to fight reason why he is worth the pain. – Those are not many obtain that it, but both continue feeling mutual love, any sacrifice or effort to maintain their marriage alive, is imprecindible and necessary.

– In the end, Dahran tells that valio the pain . – In a marriage, after 20 or 40 years, it is when the True Love comes to bloom . – We stopped thinking so much about sex, – but we lived to take care of to us mutually. – We have fused ourselves so deeply that nothing or nobody podria to separate, only the death by the aim of God. Or we stopped worrying as much to shine beautiful and irresistible the loved being, and happened to worry about the health and the well-being of that companion or companion. – We stopped tartar to be expert in sex questions, – but we tried to please the loved being of the major form that is to us possible. – We left of to discuss, to be able to talk. – We let of watch over and distrust, because we know that we are irreplaceable . – The years teach to qualities and secrets to us, that nonpodiamos to understand in our youth. – The experience of the years lived next to the loved being, is what it turns into true expert to us in which I I call the TRUE LOVE. – Mainly the knowledge that in the difficult time but of our lives, that the Oldness is , we will never be single in the world. – This it is the greater Treasure than we received, in exchange for our persistence and work to save our love. – Hopefully youth, of nowadays, could tartar to include/understand this concept.