Social Sciences

For in such a way, we consider that the express language by means of the conflicts and confrontations presented through the two programs in study, in any way tries to shorten the reflection of the people and to disable the reach of a more critical look how much to the social type of behavior, as well as the formation of the stigmata and esteretipos. This is perceivable for the ideological dynamism of the programs the front publishes of it, and corresponds the form as the language is express through the medias that instrumentaliza. 2 IDEOLOGICAL INFLUENCES OF the LANGUAGE AND the SPEECH For being the code more used in the situations of communication and social interaction the language is par excellence great the responsible one in the practical ones of language where the speech is, thus, word in movement. Saussure (2005) comes showing in them that with the study of the speech the man observes itself speaking, and this permeia the description-social characteristic of the language. When leading in account the historical period, where if contextualiza Saussure speaks to it, look for to find the regularidades of the language in the production of the speech, and consider all the processes and to the conditions of production of felt of the language, analyzing the citizens that speak and the situations where if it produces saying. To articulate the knowledge of the field of Social Sciences (the politician) and of the domain of the Lingustica (the symbolic one). This joint leads to the transformations of the practical ones social and to the conditions of language of the man in its history, how much to the question of transparency of the same one that it acquires the capacity to represent the constituent ideas of the ideologies of the language through the truths ' ' impostas' ' for the culture or culture of mass in each context. .