Tambov School

The base center decided to do school in Voronezh. In Tambov School of territory twice, has a higher certification commission for the protection of theses, which is not in Voronezh. In Tambov biggest and best professors – teaching staff. But the old housing is built in 1915. Previously, it was because the Cavalry School. But there is a free and barracks.

At the end of December 2008 closed the school in Irkutsk. Planes all students and teachers of the war moved to Voronezh. They wanted the best, but it turned out, as always. Of – for lack of barracks students and teachers were placed in enclosures in prison. It's not up to school just to survive, eat, sleep. There are not enough classrooms, housing, housing for officers. Started dysentery.

Validation of the General Staff looked at the work of the authorities, they were afraid and sent in January fifth year aircraft back to Irkutsk write diplomas. And then wait for college students from Stavropol, and then from Tambov. But you can also leave in Tambov, not school, a branch of the Institute, Voronezh. The military did not go after everything in Voronezh, some retired from the army and will join unemployed. Them and so not enough of – the crisis. But there are also several hundred civilian personnel: teachers, laboratory assistants, technical and service staff – they go public. Strange situation: reducing the army officers – although mostly seniors. Schools also reduce the military. So lieutenants will be less. And in the armed forces – namely the lack of junior officers, lieutenants, captains. Where is the logic? Although there is hope. According to some reports, in Tambov 'Link' set will still be, though less than last year. Source: City Wall