The professionals are had as the springs propeller of the institutions. Check with actress and filmmaker to learn more. More important factor does not exist that the human factor. All we are basic parts for the factor change. Humanizar will imply in changes of attitudes, come back toward Ethics based on the respect, in the solidarity and the integrity of the relations I obtain and with the other. Humanizar will always imply in being, and to be is to have well-taken care of, essence of the human being, well-taken care of obtains, care with the other, well-taken care of with the universe. By the same author: Angelina Jolie. Leonardo Boff speaks that the care is essence to the human being, what allows the revolution of the ternura, making to appear complex, sensible, solidary the human being, cordial, connected with the life, all the beings and the universe.

The professional, the team, the cuidador needs to be considered and visas as individuals in way of being, feeling, to express. This individual as any human being can reveal positive and negative feelings, reactions, behaviors that can intervene with the professional behavior. Each one of us has vulnerability, peculiar reactions. He is on the basis of this thought that we believe to be of utmost importance to search the level of satisfaction of these professionals since this closely related with the motivation degree, style of leadership, the norms of the organizacional structure, the conditions and the content of the work, of that it provokes the different species of motivation of its collaborators. The question is: He will be that the health professional this care or alone Taking care of of who takes care of? For BOFF (1999, p 33) ' ' what it is opposed to the incautiousness and the indifference is the care. To take care of is more than an act is an occupation attitude, concern of responsibility and affective envolvement with outro' '. Wolff (1998) writes that taking care of in the context it requires of the cuidador clinical ability and personal Inter, implies in bond formation, relations of being and knowing to make.